60.08 PARADES REGULATED. No person shall conduct or cause any parade on any street except as provided herein: 1. “Parade” Defined. “Parade” means any march or procession of persons or vehicles organized for marching or moving on the streets in an organized fashion or manner or any march or procession of persons or vehicles represented or advertised to the public as a parade. 2. Permit Required. No parade shall be conducted without first obtaining a written permit from the Mayor. Such permit shall state the time and date for the parade to be held and the streets or general route therefor. Such written permit granted to the person organizing or sponsoring the parade shall be permission for all participants therein to parade when such participants have been invited by the permittee to participate therein. No fee shall be required for such permit. 3. Parade Not A Street Obstruction. Any parade for which a permit has been issued as herein required, and the persons lawfully participating therein, shall not be deemed an obstruction of the streets notwithstanding the provisions of any other ordinance to the contrary. 4. Control By Police and Fire Fighters. Persons participating in any parade shall at all times be subject to the lawful orders and directions in the performance of their duties of law enforcement personnel and members of the fire department.
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