Subject:  Snow Plowing and Ice Control              


Approved By:  City Council                          Effective Date:  September 8, 2015

                                                                        Amended on:  January 23, 2018                                                 

Resolution #: 2015-111                                                          October 8, 2019                       









The purpose of this policy is to outline procedures related to Snow Plowing and Ice control in the City of Center Point.




This policy is applicable to all residents within the City of Center Point.







The City of Center Point will provide snow and ice control in a safe and cost effective manner, weighting environmental impact, safety, budget, equipment, availability of deicing materials, and personnel concerns.  A reasonable level of service for clearance of snow or ice of the street system during the winter months is necessary for routine travel and emergency services.  This Policy supersedes any and all previously written or unwritten policies of the City regarding snow and ice removal.  The Public Works Department will review this policy periodically and will make recommendations as needed to the City Council and City Administrator.

When Snow or Ice Control Operations Begin

The Public Works Director, City Administrator or Mayor will decide when to begin snow or ice control operations based on the following criteria:

  • Icy conditions
  • Snow will be removed when:
    • Accumulations of two (2) inches of snow; the Emergency Routes only will be plowed.
    • Accumulations reach three (3) inches or more; the entire city will be plowed.
    • Public Works will clean up and plow appropriate accumulations during normal business hours. Public Works will not work over time unless there is an accumulation of more than 2 inches of snow.
  • When blowing and drifting of snow seriously affects traffic

Anytime snowfall is expected to reach or exceed three (3) inches the city will issue a Snow Emergency.  This requires all vehicles to be removed from designated Emergency Snow Routes. (see Exhibit A)

Snow Emergency notices will be posted/run on the City’s website and TV Channels KCRG, KGAN and KWWL. The City of Center Point will declare a 2 day snow emergency to ensure the city streets are sufficiently cleaned. On day one of the snow emergency, cars are to park on the even side of the street. On day two of the snow emergency, cars are to park on the odd side of the street. On streets where parking is prohibited on one side of the street, the City will allow parking on the prohibited side during a snow emergency only. Streets where parking is prohibited on both sides will remain in effect during a snow emergency.

Failure to remove vehicles from the Emergency Snow Routes while under a Snow Route Parking Emergency may result in a parking ticket being issued for the remainder of the 2017-2018 snow season. For the 2018-2019 snow season, vehicles will be towed.

It is the City of Center Point’s current policy that alleys and private streets are the property owner’s responsibility for any snow removal activities.

All sidewalks adjacent to private property are the responsibility of the property owner.  The City will provide snow and ice control on those sidewalks adjacent to City property.

Snow placed in driveways by City plows is the property owner’s responsibility for removal.  Snow from a private driveway may not be placed on or pushed across a City Street.

Snow placed on sidewalks by City plows is the property owner’s responsibility for removal.  Snow from a sidewalk may not be placed on or pushed across a City Street.

The City will only clean snow within the confines of curb line to curb line of a street.  The property owner is responsible for any other snow cleaning around mailboxes and to assure the mailbox is properly installed behind the curb line and able to withstand snow clearing efforts by the City.



Plow Damage

During a snow event it is very difficult, at times, for plow operators to judge where curbs and other obstacles are located.  In the event that damage occurs to your yard due to plowing operations the City will repairs sod damage in a timely manner in the spring.

Mailboxes must be installed in such a manner as to provide access by Post Office personnel or other parcel carriers and to allow for Public Works equipment to maintain the streets.  Mailboxes and posts should be constructed securely enough to withstand snow rolling off a plow or wing.  Any posts that are rotten or too weak to withstand winter weather will not be the responsibility of the City.  The City will bear the cost of the repair of a damaged mailbox only if it is a result of City equipment actually hitting the mailbox and not from the weight of the snow.  The city will install a replacement mailbox and post which shall be a standard size non-decorative type or the mailbox owner will be reimbursed up to $50.00 toward the cost of a replacement mailbox and post.  The City will make temporary repairs to mailboxes for mail delivery if City plows actually hit a mailbox.  When weather and time permit, the Public Works Department will complete the repairs.

Upon notice of a damaged mailbox it shall be the responsibility of the Public Works Director or his designee to investigate the site. The investigator should determine if the damage was done by a direct hit of a plow blade or a windrow of moving snow. It should also be determined if the damage was caused when City crews were plowing snow. Existing post and mailbox conditions should be considered. Any posts that are rotten or too weak to withstand winter weather will not be the responsibility of the city.  Owners should be contacted and present for the investigation if possible.

If the damage is the result of a direct hit by a city truck the city will:

  • Replace mailbox which shall be a standard size non decorative type OR reimburse the owner up to $50.
  • Make temporary repairs to the post for mail delivery until weather and time permit for a permanent solution.

Damage determined by the investigator to be from the wave of moving snow will be the responsibility of the owner. All mailboxes must be breakaway and installed according to USPS regulations and allow for Public Works equipment to maintain the streets. Moving the mailbox location must have approval of the local Postmaster.

Custom mailboxes will not be installed by Public Works staff. Custom mailboxes will only be eligible for $50 of reimbursement regardless of estimated value. Custom mailboxes are eligible for standard replacement only.


The City will assume no responsibility for damage to underground irrigation systems, private lighting systems, trees, shrubs, specialty grasses, rocks, fences or similar landscaping installed in City controlled right-of-way, parking or street during snow plowing or ice control.  Those containers are the responsibility of the home owner/tenant.

How snow will be plowed

Snow will be plowed in a manner so as to minimize any traffic obstructions.  Generally the center of the roadway will be plowed first and the snow shall then be pushed from left to right.  The discharge shall go onto the boulevard or parking area of the street.  In times of extreme snowfall, the process of clearing the streets of snow may be delayed, and it may not be reasonably possible to completely clear the streets of snow.

Generally, operations shall continue until all roads are passable.  Widening and clean up operations may continue immediately or on the following working day depending upon conditions and circumstances.  Due to safety concerns for the plow operators and the public, operations will be terminated after 10-12 hours to allow personnel adequate time for rest. 

Cul-de-sacs will be plowed with one pass along the curb to provide an outlet for the driveways, with snow being piled in the middle of the cul-de-sac.  Crews will clean up the cul-de-sac later that day or the following day as time permits.

The downtown area will be plowed from curb to curb with the snow pushed into piles where feasible.

Priorities and Schedule for how Streets will be plowed

The City has classified City streets based on the street function, traffic volume and importance to the welfare of the community.  Those streets classified as “Emergency Snow Routes” will be plowed first, in addition to Emergency service parking lots.  The Emergency Snow Routes are high volume streets, which connect major sections of the City and provide access for emergency fire, police, and medical services.  Exhibit A lists the “Emergency Snow Routes”.  The second priority streets are those streets providing access to schools and commercial businesses.  The third priority streets are low volume residential streets and remainder City-owned parking lots.  The fourth priority areas are dead end streets, any alleys as designated by the City Council and cul-de-sacs.

Motorists and Safety Concerns

Observe all parking bans; this expedites snow removal efforts by City staff.

Remain off the road during snow storms unless absolutely necessary.

Do not allow children play at the edge of the street or to build snow forts near the street.

Reduce your speed and drive cautiously, remember driving on slick winter pavement is hazardous, even if they have been plowed.

Do not follow plows too closely.  During their operation they occasionally have to stop and back up.



Franklin Street                        From Grubbs Street to Lewis Access Road

Lewis Access Road                From Franklin Street to I-380

Grubbs Street                          From Franklin Street to Boundary Avenue

Central Avenue                       From Grubbs Street to Iowa Street

North Center Point Road        From Lewis Access Road to South Corporate limits

Ford Lane                                From Lewis Access Road to Palo Road

Palo Road                               From Ford Lane to Trader Street

Rosedale Drive                       From Palo Road to Lewis Access Road

Iowa Street                              From East Corporate limits to West Corporate limits

Valley Street                           From Trader Street to Green Street

Green Street                            From West Corporate limits to Main Street

Main Street                             From North Corporate limits to Maiden Street

Washington Street                  From Main Street to Franklin Street

East 1st Street                         From Franklin Street to Boundary Avenue

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