Chapter 25 Parks & Recreation Commission




Section 1. Center Point Code of Ordinances is hereby amended by deleting Chapter 25 in its entirety and inserting in lieu thereof the following:



25.01 Commission Created

25.05 Activities and Regulations

25.02 Commission Organized

25.06 Recommendations to the Council

25.03 Powers and Duties

25.07 Budget

25.04 Monthly and Annual Reports

25.08 Employees


25.01 COMMISSION CREATED.         A Parks and Recreation Commission is hereby created to control all parks and pleasure grounds of the City and to control parks and community facilities for other forms of recreation. It shall also plan and oversee City programs and encourage other programs for the leisure time of the City's residents.


25.02 COMMISSION ORGANIZATION.         The Park and Recreation Commission shall consist of seven (7) members plus one non-voting youth member. Members shall be selected by the Mayor and approved by a majority vote of the City Council for a term of two (2) years. One (1) member of the seven (7) member commission may live outside the Center Point city corporate limits.  One (1) of the seven (7) member commission will be an Urbana resident. A vacancy in the office of the Park and Recreation Commission shall be filled by the Mayor with a majority vote of the City Council.  There shall be one youth member appointed by the Mayor with a majority vote of the City Council.  The youth member shall be a student chosen to represent community youth. The youth member shall not have voting privileges and shall serve a one year term beginning January 1st of each year.

25.03   POWERS AND DUTIES.  In addition to its duty to make a plan for recreation and for the facilities for recreation, and to update and revise these plans as required, the Commission shall make recommendations to the City Council over the properties, subject to the limitation of expenditures for supplies, contracts and capital outlays set forth in the annual budget provided by the City Council for parks and recreation operations. The Commission shall also have the following specific powers and duties, to-wit:

  1. Elect Officers. To meet annually in January and elect from its members a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson, and a Secretary.

  2. Development. To recommend development and extension of parks and recreational facilities to the Council, and accomplish the same as specific municipal budget allocations permit.

  3. Nonresident Use. To authorize the use of the parks and recreational facilities by nonresidents of the City and to fix charges for this privilege as well as fixing charges, if any, for use by residents of the City.

  4. Expenditure of Funds. To control, subject to municipal budget allocation and Council approval, the expenditure of all portions of the municipal funds allocated for parks and recreational purposes by the Council and of all money available by gifts or otherwise, not including specific Council allocations or grants for the erection or construction of specific parks and recreational facilities, and of all other funds belonging to the Commission, including charges made and collected for the use of parks and recreational facilities.

  5. Policy and Public Relations. To perform its legal responsibility, to be responsible for sound programming and policies, to maintain good public relations and to keep records of its proceedings.

    1. MONTHLY AND ANNUAL REPORTS.   The Commission shall make a written report to the Council during the budget process each year as to the operation of the Parks & Recreation Department, including therein an account of the expenses of the Commission for the preceding year. In addition, the Commission shall make a monthly report to the Council on the day to day operation of the Parks & Recreation Department.

    2. ACTIVITIES, RULES AND REGULATIONS.   Subject to the approval of the Council, the Commission shall have the authority to determine the recreation character of the activities of the Parks & Recreation Department. The Commission, at the request of the Council, shall suggest rules and regulations to be adopted by the Council for the government and operation of the Parks & Recreation Department improvements. Such rules shall be either posted on the facility or otherwise publicized in a manner to provide adequate notice to the using public.

    3. RECOMMENDATIONS TO THE COUNCIL. The Commission shall make recommendations to the Council regarding the development of the park facilities and the recreational activities of the community. The Commission shall establish the rules and regulations which shall govern the operation and management of the parks and the recreational activities. Such rules and regulations may thereafter be modified and changed from time to time by the Council.

      1.    To make and submit to the City Clerk on or before the first day of January in each year an estimate, in specific budget form, of amounts necessary for the improvements, operation and maintenance of the parks and recreational facilities for the coming fiscal year, the amounts expended for like purposed for the two preceding years and the amount of income expected for the next fiscal year from sources other than taxation.
      2.    The City Administrator shall be the immediate supervisor of the Parks & Recreation Department employees and have disciplinary authority over them with consultation of the City Council. All employees are subject to the City’s personnel policies and procedures.
    4. Section 2. This Ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage and publication as by law provided.

      Passed and approved this 14th day of June, 2016.

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