Rudd Sanitation

Rudd Sanitation Inc., located in Central City, IA, provides garbage collection and recycling services to Center Point. 

Contact Information:   319-438-6563

Recyclable Items:

  • Paper-newspaper with inserts, office paper, phone books, junk mail and magazines
  • Corrugated cardboard and chipboard - unwaxed, broken down, and tied in bundles; smaller that 4' x 4'.  No pizza boxes. 
  • Plastic - MOST plastic containers with recycle symbols (number included), number 1 thru 7, EXCEPT number 6. 
  • Tin & Aluminum cans - all food and beverage containers.
We don't pick up: 
  • Paint
  • Yard Waste
  • TV's
  • Computer Monitors
  • Tires
  • Oil Filters
  • Batteries

Garbage Tags Available at: 
  • Casey's
  • Corner Store
  • Rudd Office (Central City)
  • Center Point City Hall
  • Hy-Vee Drug Store 505 Boyson Rd. Cedar Rapids


 Rates and City Code:


107.02    COLLECTION SERVICE.  The City shall provide by contract with a hauler for the collection of all refuseand recyclables from residential premises within the City.

107.03    COMPLIANCE REQUIRED.  All persons residing in residential premises within the City shall dispose of refuse, yard waste and landscape waste and bulky waste in compliance with the provisions of this chapter.  All residential solid waste shall be prepared for disposal or disposed of as set forth in this chapter.  The hauler may refuse to collect any improperly prepared or disposed of material.  Nothing herein is to be construed so as to prevent the owner from transporting solid waste generated on the premises owned or used by such owner, provided said waste is disposed of properly in the designated sanitary disposal project.  However, the basic charge for the collection service will regularly be added to the water/sewer billing for said owner’s building whether or not the owner chooses to take advantage of the service provided.

107.04    REFUSE.

  1. Refuse shall be drained of liquid and placed within an approved collection bag or rigid container.
  2. A tag shall be properly attached to each collection bag or rigid container placed at the curbside for collection, the exception being that each dwelling unit is allowed one non-tagged bag or rigid container per week, provided the collection bag or rigid container is of the size and weight, including contents, allowed under this chapter.
  3. Collection bags and rigid containers shall be placed at the curbside for collection and disposal no sooner than twelve (12) hours prior to the next scheduled collection date.

107.05    RECYCLABLES.

  1. The owner of each dwelling unit shall provide an appropriate container for recyclables.
  2. Recyclables may be commingled and must be placed in the recyclable container with the lid firmly affixed, if possible.  The recycling container shall be placed at the curbside for collection no sooner than twelve (12) hours prior to the next scheduled collection date.
  3. Only items designated as recyclables shall be included and placed within the recycling container.
  4. The owner of each dwelling unit is responsible for the security and condition of the recycling container.  Lost, stolen or destroyed recycling containers shall be replaced at the expense of the owner of the dwelling unit.  Arrangements and/or payments for replacement containers shall be handled directly through the hauler.  Recycling containers that are destroyed by the hauler shall be replaced at the hauler’s expense.

107.06    RESERVED.

107.07    RESERVED.

107.08    BULKY WASTE.  The collection and disposal of bulky waste shall be by separate and independent arrangement between the hauler and the owner of said waste.  Billing, payment and collection of fees for disposal of bulky waste shall be by agreement between the hauler and the owner of the waste.


  1. Refuse shall be prepared as set forth in the above sections and collected weekly by the hauler.
  2. The hauler is responsible for scheduling the exact hours and day during the week that the collection and disposal of residential solid waste will be done.  The household shall be provided a schedule by the hauler and shall be kept informed of any planned variation in the schedule by the hauler.
  3. Recyclablesshall be collected on the same day as refuse.

107.10    SCAVENGING PROHIBITED.  From the time of placement of the recycling container, rigid container or collection bag at the curbside, the contents thereof become the property of the City.  The contents shall be collected only by the hauler, and after collection the contents become the property of the hauler.


  1. Fees.  The fee per dwelling unit for the weekly curbside collection of recyclables and the weekly curbside collection of non-recyclables (garbage), to include one 40-pound bag or the contents of a garbage can weighing no more than 40 pounds and an unlimited amount of recyclables, shall be set at $12.97 per month.  The fee per dwelling unit for administration shall be set at $2.50 per billing period.
  2. Payment of Bills.  All fees are due and payable under the same terms and conditions provided for payment for water service as contained in Section 92.04 of this Code of Ordinances, and the provisions contained in Section 92.08 relating to lien notices shall also apply in the event of delinquent fees for these services.  At no time will a partial payment be accepted on this joint billing.
  3. Tags.  Tags must be purchased for pick up of any garbage over and above the 40-pound limit.  Tags may be purchased directly from the hauler or from any participating merchant.  The hauler will supply the tags to the participating merchants and shall collect the proceeds therefrom.  The cost of the tags shall be set at $1.00 per tag.

107.12    LIEN FOR NONPAYMENT.  The owner of the premises served and any lessee or tenant thereof are jointly and severally liable for fees for solid waste collection and disposal.  Fees remaining unpaid and delinquent shall constitute a lien upon the premises served and shall be certified by the Clerk to the County Treasurer for collection in the same manner as property taxes.

(Code of Iowa, Sec. 384.84)

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