Center Point Urbana Ambulance Service Inc

Proudly serving parts of Benton, Buchanan, and Linn Counties since 1956

Center Point Ambulance Service began in the fall of 1956 by the members of the fire department.  Some of the orginial members are still in the area.

  • The Ambulance was kept at the "Skelly Station" which is now Rhinehart's because there was no space at the fire station.
  • Ambulances owned by the service over the years:
    • 1951 Buick
    • 1959 Pontiac Amblewagon
    • 1964 Suburban
    • 1972 Suburban
    • 1976 Chevy Type 1
    • 1982 Dodge Type 1
    • 1985 Chevy Type 1 Walk-through
    • 1991 Chevy Type 3
    • 1998 Ford Type 3 Diesel
    • 2002 Ford Type 3 Diesel
    • 2004 Ford Expedition
    • 2008 Ford Type 3 Diesel

  • During the Mid '90's, The Ambulance Service and fire department became separate organizations.
  • The Service is an Iowa 501c3 corporation owned by the membership.
  • The Ambulance Service is funded by fees for services, private donations, and fundraisers.  No tax dollars are received.
  • Currently the Ambulance Service is housed at the corner of Franklin Street and Iowa Street.
  • Membership in 1956 was approximately 8 to 10 members.  Currently the membership has a total of over 37.
  • Calls have increased from 73 in 1956 to 350 in 2009.
  • In 1976 the service expanded to two ambulances.
  • In 2008 the service expanded to three ambulances.
  • In 1956 skill levels were not required, however first-aid was a plus.  Currently the state mandates at least an EMT-B must be on every call.
  • Center Point Ambulance is currently staffed 24 hours a day at the EMT-B level with over 99% of the calls being staffed with ALS personnel.



319-849-3865 NON-Emergency




521 Franklin Street PO Box 202 Center Point IA 52213
Official Website of Center Point, Iowa