Garbage and Recycling Services

WASTE TAGS may be purchased from:

CASEY'S                           CORNER STORE

Recycling Service

PAPER:  News paper, office paper, junk mail, magazines and phone books
PLASTIC:  Most plastic containers with a recycle symbol (number included) Numbers 1-7 except 6
TIN & ALUMINUM:  All food and beverage containers
CORRUGATED CARDBOARD & CHIPBOARD:        Un-waxed, broken down and tied in bundles (smaller than 4' X 4')
BATTERIES:  Dry cell & Car Batteries
MOTOR OIL: Place in a gallon milk jug with twist on cap & set beside recycle tub.


No Motor Oil Containers
No Plastic Shopping Bags
No Styrofoam Products
Please put these items in your garbage.

Yard Waste, Brush and Leaves

April 15th thru November 19th

All must be bagged in paper bio-degradable bags with a WASTE TAG attached.  No other waste shall be included.
BRUSH:  All Brush shall be tied in bundles.  Bundles must be smaller than 4' X 4' weighing no more than 40lbs.  No more than 2 such bundles per week.  Waste Tags are not necessary for brush.

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